Activity/File System on Device Manager not seen for Samsung Smart TV


I put my Samsung Smart TV (UN40NU6070FXZA) in developer mode and connected it to the Tizen Device Manager. Like the two other devices (Raspberry Pi 3 and Galaxy Watch 3) on Device Manager, I expected to see a lot of scrolling log output and the file system for the TV in the right pane. But when I select the TV (tv 4.0), I get no output nor the file system. Is there another permission I need to set on the TV to get it to interact with the Device Manager? Or is there something in Device Manager I need to do?

Did you get your Samsung Tizen Distributor and Samsung Author certificate or are you trying to use the Tizen certificates?
You can only install on a Samsung device (watch or tv) with a Samsung Distributor cetificate.
See Creating Certificates

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At this point, I have not tried to run an app on the TV. I’m just selecting the TV in the Device Manager.

I don’t think you need a cert just to see the file system and get log output to scroll.

When I delete the Samsung cert, I can still bring up two other devices in Device Manager and see their file system and their scrolling log output.

I have read, however, that Samsung TVs (perhaps certain models) do not allow log output or their file system to be seen in Device Manager. Can you verify if this is true or not?

I’ll have to wait until Cristian is back, he is on vacation now. But that makes sense.

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Hi Ron, what did Cristian say about this?

Here is what Cristian said.

If system-wide logs are blocked for that model you should verify if application-specific logs appear in the “Console” section of the Chrome Web inspector when attaching a debugger. I wouldn’t be surprised if you need a special engineering binary to get full system logs from the TV.

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