Add Shadow to images, text, time

Can you add, in WFS, shadow to all these items or else add it to Feature Request

I can add it as a feature request. But you can create your own shadow or use a custom font that is shadowed.


Hi Ron, add it as a feature request.

I will add it to the September suvmissions


Meanwhile you can make a semitransparent black duplicate of your element below your original and shift it few pixels down and/or to side.

On top of @Peter suggestion, you could also blur it a bit for added realism.

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Hi, adding shadows would be awesome, Any update on this?

I have no update and couldn’t comment on it if I did know. :slight_smile:
It is Samsung Policy not to comment or release any information until a product is released. When I gave out some expected release dates for GWS last year, they never happened and I looked foolish so I don’t even attempt to give dates anymore.

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