Analog Hands bug

I have made a watchface with analog hands with size 44 x 160. In WFS, everything works ok. On real watch, it does not respect the rotate point set in WFS, it always rotates the image at the middle! But when in AOD mode, the rotate point is used and hands are rotated at the specified point.
The “fix” is to use bigger hands, 44 x 320, so in normal mode they will always rotate in the middle.

Could you please share the exact steps to reproduce your issue? Please share screenshot/video of your issue also.

Thank you.

Yes. Create a clock hand that is half the screen size, let’s say 20px x 200px, then you want to rotate it around the point you define, that is (10, 200). Well, you can’t, because it will rotate around center (10, 100) on device. On preview it works ok, but not on device.
The thing is that in AOD mode it rotates correctly in preview and on device also!