Analog Hands in v1.6.9

I noticed the old shortcut keys for the clock hands still work, but they all come back with hour hands that you need to change in the rotation properties in order to get minute and second hands.
was this intentional?

Also, upon downloading the update, it is still telling me there is a new version available. as a side note, i did install this update in a different directory on mac os (13.6.3) and still kept the old one.

i do love the fact you can now outline shapes, if only you can do the same with text.

Edit to add i also love the addition of otf fonts! thank you!

I doubt it, I’ll report this.

I don’t see the notification about downloading from my Windows version but is is a sole version. It may not be a good idea to have two versions of WFS at the same time.

I like both the 12 and 24 Hour Digital clock options.


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I use MacOS 14.3.1 and have no notification after the update.

all is good. i deleted the old version and reinstalled the new and now it’s looking the way it should

and the font preview in the drop down menu!