AOD screen not being saved to project

I created an AOD for my watchface…

Saved the project - reloaded it - and when I clickl on the icon on top right of the studio - it’s prompting me to regenerate the AOD default screen.

Looks like the AOD screen I created wasn’t saved with the project.

The forum search feature is your friend :grin:

I"ve asked that they remove the GWS 2.0.1 from downloading on Windows because of this bug.

Uninstall GWS 2.0.1 and get the GWS 2.0.0 from the previous versions on the same download page.

It will open the project and the last AOD you created will be included.

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I uninstalled 2.0.1 and tried installing 2.0.0 and am getting the installation error about incorrect java.

I’ve got the same java installation as 2.0.1 and that was working.

java version “1.8.0_351”
Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_351-b10)
Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.351-b10, mixed mode)

I re-downloaded 2.0.1 and getting the same message - again no changes to the java installation once I get 2.0.1 few days ago.

Looks like the installer is not just searching for java in the PATH variable - but looking for some other things like registry settings or existence of some Oracle app or settings.

Very odd.

I like to uninstall the Oracle stuff because it tracks updates and other things that I don’t need.

Don’t mess around too much with GWS 2.0.1 if you are on Windows. It is just a headache because of the AOD.

It may be that the version is to new. I looked and my version is .242

If you can’t get this to install I’ll uninstall my version and reinstall newer Java and try to reinstall GWS 2.0.0 and see how that goes for me.

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I installed Oracle Java - copied the Java files and uninstalled Oracle.

Because it tracks updates and installs services etc - things that slows the pc down.

Anyway looks like the installer looks for the app or some registry settings and doesn’t proceed.

Once GWS is installed, I can remove Oracle and works fine.

If it works with uninstalled Oracle that is great !! I’ll try to remember this if someone else has any issues.

Good Luck with your designs,

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Yes install the Oracle program.

Then install GWS.

Then go to \Program files\Java\xxxx_folder and copy it.

Then delete Oracle.

Rename the above folder back to the original.

Of course add it to the PATH env variable also.

All set.

Oracle had a Java zip file download option also - but looks like they got rid of it.