Cant save aod in watch studio

i recently made a watch face

and i am not able to save the aod settings after i hit ctrl+s and also tried saving in different locations it dosn’t work it always reset my work.

In which platform you want to design? If you want to design in Watch Face Studio then the AOD setting guideline is here: Create a Watch Face Using Tag Expressions | Samsung Developers

Feel free to share me if I don’t got your question or you face any further problems.

I think you are using Galaxy Watch Face Studio v 2.0.1 it has a bug that does read the AOD when you open a project. You need to get the v2.0.0 version (same download page) that doesn’t have this nasty bug.

You can convert many GWS designs to Watch 4 (Wear OS platform) using the Galaxy Watch Face Convertor tool. or import the resources into Watch Face Studio.

Samsung Developer Relations

thanks for the reply