App Rejected due to two icons showing after upgrade

My app was just rejected because when upgrading from one version to the next on a Galaxy Watch 3 running Tizen 4, the icon appears twice in the Samsung launcher. The issue goes away after restarting the watch.

This sounds more like a problem with how the Samsung launcher deals with upgrades than any apps.

I’ve added both a widget and a service component to my app and perhaps the launcher is not managing this properly.

At any rate I’m not sure how to resolve this.


You need to do address questions about rejections with the seller portal 1:1 Enquiry

Would you like to move this to either the Galaxy Watch forum to see if someone has had similar experience.

Samsung Developer Program

Sure, can you move it? I would like to get some help so that I can publish updates to my app.

Click on the link seller portal 1:1 Enquiry it will ask you to sign in and take you to the seller portal.

Check this before you do.

  • Package ID must remain same across all updates.
  • version number must be changed for each new version, and make sure the newer one has a higher number.
  • once you build your project you will have a XXXXXX.tpk file - rename it directly through your file explorer, because file name MUST be different for each uploaded binary.

Samsung Developer Program

Hey Ron,

I wanted to thank you for the advice. I indeed by mistake changed my app id. I was only able to notice it as I was reviewing my app changes in source control.

Thanks my app is now published.

P.S. For a future update to the Galaxy Store, this is something that can be checked when apps are updated just like the store ensures that the way the app was signed has changed.