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Is there a way to turn off the app status notification emails or to change the address where they go?

Inviting another Samsung account in the group doesn’t help, the Seller ID email always receives these notifications. Like “…, congratulations. Your app has passed review.”. This is a problem because I make themes content and there are quite a lot of notifications and they are mixed with possible critical emails from the Seller Portal. From the profile settings, unchecking the news notifications doesn’t help either. Email filter is problematic on multiple devices, you still get notifications on the phone in certain cases.

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After rambling on about required email address. I went to the store and I don’t know if this is different for Themes than Android / Watch apps but in the Description is a Notify Result that can be some other email address.

Thank you, I will try it, though I leave it empty and I assumed that I can only add more emails (on top of the seller ID email). But it can be that the empty field will cause the email to be sent to the seller ID email, while setting anything will send it only to the set addresses. When I’ll have the result, I’ll post it here, maybe others are interested.

The email filters are in many cases only client side filters. If the desktop computer has the filters, the phone will shortly show a notification. It’s then moved by the filtering and the notification is gone, but when there are many emails, this can be annoying. I’ll check the hosting for a server side filtering, that would also solve the problem.

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For the record, if I add an email address to the “Notify Result”, I still get the email to the account email address, it doesn’t send it only to the “notify” address.

In my case, I could set up some server-side filters that helped, but some switches which control what emails to get from the notifications would be quite helpful.

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Thinking about it, this may be so the owner of the app knows if an unauthorized agent is changing the app. But I’ll report it to the Store Ops team

Samsung Developer Relations

We use it because the company is notified of app approvals etc, through the account email, and the notify email is used to let the developer know.