Application in Testing for more than a month now


My app is in testing more than a month. It’s taking too long for samsung to test. There is no update after I uploaded the app. I don’t know how long samsung will take to review and test the app. Next month a tournament is starting and I wont be able to broadcast it on samsung TV because of delays in testing.

Does anyone facing same issue.

Can samsung team do a fast approval of the app before release of tournament???

I am moving this to the Smart TV as the Smart TV Seller Office is not part of the seller portal. See the highlighted part below and open a 1:1 Q/A question.

Samsung Developer Relations

The global pandemic and COVID19 Contingency impacted our workforce and we may be experiencing testing delays but keep in mind Samsung is working as hard as they can to process the workload to ensure an outstanding user experience for your users and ours.

The entire QA and launch processes may vary depending on the average of all applications submitted through the TV Seller Office, and it may be shorter or longer depending on how many times the re-validation processes for defects occur.

It is important if you have a big event, invested in publicity or have an urgent release please provide detailed business reason and we will inform SQA team requesting priority based on business opportunity with Samsung Electronics Corp. These opportunities are based on a number of factors including brand recognition, user base, and large scale placement/ad buys.

If you have additional questions or need further support please feel free to let us know by registering a 1:1 Q&A.

Please check the following links with important information:
TV Application Publication Process | Samsung Developers
Asking Questions | Samsung Developers

Best regards,
Samsung Team

I have already submitted a ticket on 1:1 Q&A. No response from there.

I can provide you the detail business reason and all the related documents related to the tournament. Can you please share an email or something where I can send those documents.


You should be able to update the ticket do that and add that your tournament is nearing.
They do triage the tickets and I was told that this would be considered in the decision.

They are trying to get things approved and get back to a much faster turn around for everyone.

Samsung Developer Relations