Blank warning msg after build

Every time I try to build even the simplest watch face, at the end, I get a blank warning dialog. The only thing in the dialog box is the exclamation mark and cancel/OK. No idea what the warning is about. Tried on two different machines and a watch face with just the time. I am very familiar with GWD. Has to be something simple. Any ideas?

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Could you please share a screenshot of the error along with the exact steps to reproduce your issue?
Thank you.

Same problem.
It appears every time after reaching 100percent trying to build a wf or run on device.
The wf can be completely empty doesnā€™t matter what components you add including the default images. :grin:


Please report this issue from Connect > Developer Support. Reproduce this issue and then get the log file of WFS. Please share that log file with support request.

The path of the log file is given below:
Windows : C:\Users{User}\AppData\Roaming\watchfacestudio\dump\main
macOS : /Users/User Name/Library/Application Support/watchfacestudio/dump/main

Thank you.