Bug? 4 Images as Buttons, Using [e] Day Tags

I have 4 full-size images acting as buttons, and each image button has 3 other sub-images which are accessed by double-taps. The 4 images use the Day of the Week tag. Example:


While the 4 images show or hide okay according to the day of the week, the double-taps stopped working as I assembled more of these base images. In the editor, if I hide the other 3 base images then in the review window the base image which does show can be double-tapped to show its sub-images. As soon as I allow showing another base image (removing the “x” in the eyeball column), then the base image being seen has no double-tap capability.

Any work-arounds here?

I think it is more of a feature or limitation than a bug. The opacity controlled with expressions does not affect the layer order in meaning of touch responsibility. The layer on top is always the one that responds to touch in the area, no matter if it is actually opaque or not.

Thanks, Peter. The opaqueness of the top-most layer fooled me into thinking an underlying image could be tapped. These designs require . . .layer . . .of complex thinking.