BUG: Complication world clock on ONE UI 4.5

Hi everyone,

I would like to report an issue with the “World Clock” complication on ONE UI 4.5.

Old version (complication named “International Clock”):

the hour at the top in a large font and then the “CITY” position below in a small font.

New version (complication named “World Clock”)
the data is reversed.

If you replace the original one available on the watch face with another complication, you won’t be able to get it back - you have to uninstall and reinstall the watch face.

Missing complication on ONE UI 4.5: “International Clock”.



bottom left: actual version CITY + DATE

bottom right: old version (with complication named “International Clock” / does not exist on ONE UI 4.5) DATE + CITY

It would be necessary to restore the complication as on the previous version (named “International clock)”. This way it becomes virtually unusable if the user accidentally changes complication; must uninstall and reinstall the watch face.

I would like to point out that this problem is not WFS dependent.

Thank you.

yes I confirm this. I hope this will be fix soon. Devs might again absorb the impact of this bug.

Another bug. The % sign in the battery display for the complication, is no longer displayed on the watch.
Only 86 is displayed as an example instead of 86 %

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Complications Suite update will soon include fully working World Clock / UTC complication.
ETA: few days / already under play console review.


Another bug/broken is the default Music shortcut and it does not work automatically in both GW4 and GW5 when reconnected to phone. All default shortcuts are working but Music shortcut does not pull out the user’s media controller automatically. You need to play something first in the Phone before the Music shortcut work. I hope WFS team will look into this immediately.

Yup and I don’t like it :frowning:

You need to report this to Samsung Developer Support. It sounds more like One UI issue than WFS issue. But report it as a WFS issue to start with.

Samsung Developer Relations

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