How to add complication for World Clock with analogue hands?

Anyone knows this?

It’s a basic feature, I just wish to see another timezone with analogue hands in a complication.

How am I supposed to do this? Watch Face Studio is able to do this, or I have to create it from ground0? :wink:

The way the complications are currently structured, this is probably not possible.
Currently it’s just supporting textfields and simple preconfigured layouts for value ranges.

I wish we could build more custom complications, but I understand that you are limited here to allow as much dynamics as possible.

With 2 minutes playing in WFS:


Impossible is nothing :wink:

Is it a custom complication? So the user is able to change the bottom complication manually to something different?

No, I think not even he can change the timezone. However it’s doable hardcoded for own purposes.