Bug report - WFS 1.6.9 - "CCW" resets to "CW"

Hi, I’d like to report a bug in WFS 1.6.9.

When adding an analog hand and setting it as “Second in minute” with “Sweep” movement, then setting rotation to “CCW”, it automatically returns to “CW” as soon as the layer is deselected.

Process to replicate the bug:
Add component - More - Analog hands, add any image file. Under rotation properties set it as “Second in minute”, under movement effect add “Sweep”, and finally set rotate to “CCW”.
Click anywhere outside the watch face to deselect that layer, and then select it again to check which setting is under rotate - it will be “CW” instead of “CCW”.

This seems to only happen when the “Sweep” function is enabled. The issue is not present when movement is set to “Normal” or “Tension”.

It’s not a huge issue, but it definitely took me a while to realize why some elements aren’t moving as they should be.
Keeping the layer selected while building a watch face keeps the correct “CCW” setting in the final build version of the watch face, so it’s workable, but definitely a quirk.
Hoping for a fix in the next WFS update :slight_smile:

We have reproduced the bug on our and and shared it with the Watch Face Studio team. We will share the update here.
Thanks for sharing the bug.


Is there an ETA for the next release of WFS?

I would like to have the possibility to change opacity tags for each element inside the root/default element when you add them to style editor. Now opacity tag works just for the root/default element.

Case example:

  • I have a default image (img-A) with a condition in opacity tag (condition-A) but I want that a user has the ability to turn on/off in watchface Settings different images(A1, A2,Ax…) with different condition(condition-A1, condition-A2, condition-Ax…).

I add multiple different images under the root/default element using + Style, which I would like to select in Customization editor and each of them has a different condition based on opacity tag.

Right now in WFS you can edit Properties of just the root/default element, like Tags in opacity with a condition, and this reflects in all the other elements added on style editor.

But I would like the ability to change Tags condition in opacity for each sub element, once selected, to achieve different conditions that a user can select in the watchface Settings. Now you can’t. The sub elements of the root/default element inherit the same opacity condition.

Is definitely possible manually manipulating the XML but uncomfortable.

In the XML you can edit each element of the list, so is possible:

<ListConfiguration id=“x”…
<ListOption id=“0” …
<PartImage name=“image1”…
<Transform value"CONDITION_0"

<ListOption id=“1” …
<PartImage name=“image1”…
<Transform value"CONDITION_1"

The goal is for an user the ability to choose different settings for a condition that shows different images or elements in the watchface Settings.

It’s possible to implement in the next version of WFS?