Button fail

Been trying various different button options, as not used them much before. On the enclosed very basic face, I have 4 buttons:


Each is set to open the corresponding app on a Double tap.

Weather opens fine
Settings opens fine

Email is glitchy, open most of the time but not always

Music never opens.

On trying on the test face in GWS, all buttons open a dialog telling me the the app is opened, and to check on a real device.

As per screenshot, there are no overlapping surrounds, so anyone any idea what I am doing wrong?


Test Face ver1.gwd.zip (310.6 KB)

Hello, its just my guess, maybe you could add some transparent image part on the sides of music and email images, to make the touch area larger for better recognition.

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And that of course worked! I hadn’t thought that given the text at the sides was small(ish) it might need to be larger or have a transparent ‘press here’ box.

many thanks