Cannot connect to Galaxy Watch 4 with Device Manager


I am trying to connect to my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to start debugging my app but I cannot connect to it. On my watch I have the ip adress:

On my computer I have the ip adress:

I can ping my Galaxy watch from my computer and I have also tried to turn off my windows firewall but no difference.

When I try to connect to my watch with this data:


Nothing happens, it just tays like this:

And when I press “close” no watch shows up in connected devices.

My watch has developer mode activated and bluetooth is disabled. Auto wifi is turned off and ADB-debugging is enabled and wifi debugger is enabled.

The wifi debugger show the debugger connection:

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance!
Best regards Max

Galaxy Watch 4 and newer are WearOS Devices not Tizen OS so you can’t connect. You need to develop Watch Faces using Watch Face studio app or Android Studio for Wear OS Apps.

Hope this helps.

Samsung Developer Relations