Cannot create app badge for app that has "&" in title

I want to create an app badge for my watch face called “JHW Analog 3 (Multiple Languages & Colors)” but it won’t let me.
I can create badges for other apps just fine.

The watch is not yet for sale it is under review. The last I knew there is about a 3 to 4 week delay from submission to release but they are catching up. If you have been under review for more than 3 weeks Enquire at the store.

Samsung Developer Team

Hi Ron, Yes the watch face is already up for sale. I tried making a badge every day or so for the past week.

It is not working for this watch face, but it is for other watch faces.

I looked in the Store admin panel (I have read only access) and it shows it as For Sale / Under Test Confirmation but I see it in the store. So if this is an update I don’t think you can generate a badge until it is finished reviewing for example if you added an image to the description.
If this is a new watch then contact the seller portal 1:1 enquiry and give them the content ID and information and ask them what it up.

Samsung Developer Team

Thank you for your message Ron.
I have just contacted support via 1:1 enquiry, hopefully they can manually add it or something :slight_smile:

bruh this is why i never contact them.
I clearly said that the problem occured even before the update.
They just provide me with information I already know and told hem…

Changing the name of the app is way faster :rofl:

Changing the name of the app or updating images will force a new review process don’t do that.

I’ll see if I can find why it is still under Test confirmation, it was a data glitch for the last one I checked.

Samsung Developer Team

I added some social media information in the description. That’s why it is under Test Confirmation I think. I submitted on Sunday.

Thank you for your good service!!

The more I think of it. It is still for sale in the store so you should be able to create a badge. I’ll ask about it.


Thank you Ron!

I have also replied to the 1:1 enquiry with a video.
Hopefully they can help :smiley:

It was the changes you made that put it under Test confirmation and that kept it from creating a badge.

I’ll bring this up with the Badge team in support. The review team released your watch face and you should be able to make a badge now.

Samsung Developer Team

Nope, as I said earlier, I cannot make a badge at all, before the review not, and I still can’t.

Got another mail from Samsung 1:1 enquiry, and as always, useless information I already told them / tried.

Why can’t they just create the badge for me.

I will change the name myself, and remove the “&” in the title, and try again afterwards… :confused:

Correct you can’t have that in the title or other html code.


Why do they accept it then in the first place…
Btw, I’m talking about the app name.

I changed the app name, and now I have made an app badge.

They should just don’t allow “&” in the app name lol