Cannot create Author and Distribute Certificate - "connect timed out"


Same with Author Certificate…
The watch is connected, Debug-Mode is on - no chance to create the certificate.
It hangs on Samsung Account login…

Any ideas?

Thanks and greetings!

I believe that this is a bug in the form on some computers. You need to scroll down and enter your password. The scrolling isn’t apparent.

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Not really. The timeout come after 15 or 20 seconds after i entered user id and password.

Thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

You aren’t running Windows 7 by any chance? If you are you need to update Internet Explorer to 64 bit. It has a .dll that is required for the store to connect.

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Hi Ron,

no, i use win 10 (2004) with 64 bit. All updates are installed. Internet works fine, only the conection to get the certificetes hangs all time. I cant check the url, thats inside the app called.

Any way, i write here (logged on) and it works fine.