Cannot login to Samsung Account while creating Samsung Certificate


I can not login to Samsung account while I try to login to my Samsung account (I was able to login last week). Could anyone help on the issue?


Any solution to this? I am also unable to login, either with google or otherwise. It seems it’s an issue with tizen studio using internet explorer for some reason. Is there a way to change this?

Apparently this is pretty widespread and has to do with IE no longer being allowed for the OpenID ID verification

We are working on it. Keep trying, It may work with the command line tools.

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Thank you for your reply. Is there a guide somewhere on how to use the command line to do this? I am obviously a bit stuck at the moment. Much appreciated.

I’m having the same issue. So far haven’t been able to find the equivalent CLI lines.


@jfarell has posted a solution using an old Tizen sideloading tool but it requires Tizen Studio to generate the certificates.
see this thread for Possible work arounds


So, any updates on this?
Why you guys can’t just offer Windows users to configure any browser to use with the IDE, rather than hardcode iE? You’ve already done this for Debian, where I can use FF without an issue, but Windows version is still unusable.
Personally, I don’t think that it’s the right way to stimulate 3rd party developers to create new things for Tizen…


go to package manager and there is an update available for the Samsung Certificate Extension. This forces a manual launch of the default browser to sign in.

It looks like this wasn’t a hard code or signature in Tizen Studio but a Java library that we used was out of date.

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Thank you very much!

I missed the update, as my Package Manager thought that it has no connection, but after I switched the source a couple of times it was able to pick up the updates.
Unfortunately, it didn’t work out of the box, as I might missed too many updates.

So, I had to reinstall the entire thing and after that it worked as it should. Now it opens a new tab in my default browser instead.

Good job! Appreciate your help!