Unable to log in to create Samsung certificate

When I created Samsung Certificate, I needed to log in to my Samsung account. But when I returned to the certificate Manager after completing the operation on the web page, it reported an uninterpretable error and failed to log in. This caused me to be unable to create a Samsung Certificate, my tizen-studio version is 5.5

Do you have the newest Samsung Certificate extension? I don’t think you even get the to the login if you don’t but need to ask.

What browser did you select to log into your Samsung Account, they recommend Chrome or Edge. Sometimes the connection from the Seller Portal to Tizen.org doesn’t work and you need to try the next day but I think that is a failed to connect error.

I need to update my Tizen Studio so I’ll see if I can duplicate this later today and get back to you. But try a different browser.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks for your reply, I think my Samsung Certificate extension is the latest, I will attach the picture below, if not, please tell me.

I have tried both Chrome and Edge.It’s been like this for days.


Have a nice day.

That is the right one I get if I do a delete and reinstall, however I do not even get to where it asks me if I want Tizen or Samsung certificates. I’ve had to open a tech support request myself. You may need to do that as well.

If I get any feedback I’ll let you know… Please give me a heads up if you get something too.

Samsung Developer Relations