Can't connect my Active 2 with GWS to send watch face to watch

Newbie… can’t connect my Active 2 with GWS using either method (BT or WiFi)
All I want to do is send my new watch face to my watch only for personal reasons, not to the app store.

Getting the following error after selecting my device:
Please check SPP connection or BT paring
Socket: disable
SDB port: 0. GCB port: 0

I connected my S9+ to my Dell laptop via usb/ethernet and tried it on the same WIFi network as well with no luck. Active 2 is in debug mode. I successfully registered Author Certificate & Distribute Certificates.

This is my first time using this software. I’m sure I’m not doing something right.

Also can anyone tell me how to find a way to obtain the IP address on the Active 2 watch to try to connect it manually. The only network settings I could find in ABOUT / DEVICE were MAC address, BT address, SN, and FCC Certification# but no IP Address.

There is a problem with the Tizen 5.5 OS and you can not connect to it using SDBoverBT. I keep hearing that it is fixed in an update to be announced but I’ve had two updates and it still doesn’t work. So you only way is by WiFI.

Make sure that Wifi is always on or BT is turned off when you try to connect
Tap on Connections
Tap on Wifi If you are connected. it will show the wifi network
(If you haven’t previously connected to a network set up a network connection)
Tap on Wifi Networks
top on that,
Scroll down to where it shows the network connected
Tap on that
Scroll down to see the IP address

See FAQ 23 HERE.

You need to be connected to get a distributor certificate in order to build and install the app.
You will need to accept and RSA Encryption Key the first time you install the app on your watch so be sure to look very closely at the watch the first time because if you don’t accepting promptly it goes away forever.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you very much for your quick response. I did figure it out right before you answered but it’s nice to know I have somewhere to go for info since I am new to developing watch faces using your software.

I would like to find out more about creating the watch faces. I did notice there aren’t many options available as far as adding different elements or modifying existing ones. For one thing is there a way to change the sample digital watch from military to non-military (12 hour) time? I set up a pretty nice watchface to my liking but would like it to display 12 hour time instead of military time. I can’t seem to find the option.

12 hour vs 24 hour is in the digital clock ICU Format. I’d suggest you look at the Tutorial for conditional settings and check out the 12 and 24 hour format where you can have both on the same watch at the same place. Very cool.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi, to change from 24h to 12h format, simply replace HH with h