Can't Request Corporate Commercial Seller - Not editable blank field

It’s been 25 days since I got the DUNS number.

I’m able to import the DUNS Number data, but when submitting the request on the seller portal, the Representative Name is empty and not editable. This is preventing me from submitting the request.

I already opened a Help > Contact us request over a week ago and still haven’t received any response.

Meanwhile I am unable to publish new apps in the store.

Anyone else facing this problem? Did anyone manage to get around it?

Yes others are having this issue and as far as I know the Seller Portal has not fixed it.

The issue as I understand it there are different types of representative and the form only can read one specific one.

I’m trying to find out if this maintenance has been completed or if there are more fixes to come.

Please be patient and try again next week.

Samsung Developer Relations

Any update on this issue as I’m experiencing the same thing as well?

Hi @lonewolfstudiosllc ,

I was able to resolve the blank Representative’s Name issue by contacting the DnB representative in my country. They updated my data and this field is now filled in.

Now I have Too Many Characters in Company House No field problem. Samsung has given an estimate of hopefully resolving this issue this week.

What country is your company from? Brazil?

Hello @NoMad,

Company is based in the United States and I checked today and luckily now the representative field is being populated with what I expected.