Error: Representative's Name Cannot Be Left Blank


I’m using my DUNS number to Request Corporate Commercial Seller but not sure how the Representative’s Name will get?

As per the “Dun & Bradstreet” team they don’t have any representative’s name parameter at their backend or database. Is this something they have to developed at their end?

Please suggest what to do next in this situation? Currently I’m blocked to publish or update my apps.

Please share some phone number or email id so that I can loop in “Dun & Bradstreet” team and resolve this issue ASAP.

Gaurav Kapoor


The representatives name is the contact person for the company. When I look at your company’s profile I see it the Key Principal and it does list you. Check to see if your contact information is filled in and in English. (I don’t have a Hoover license so I can see that information).

If it all looks correct and is in English then you need to open a seller portal customer service request ( Sign in, click on help, and then contact us
fill in what you can and mark N/A to all mandatory items that don’t apply.

Remember it may take up to 5 business days for changes to propagate so if this is a new DUNS number that may be the reason.

Samsung Developer Relations

Sorry, I’m not getting your point, Can you please elaborate more? Do I need to approach “Dun & Bradstreet” or Samsung Support team for the Representative’s Name fix? I don’t think I can edit that text box field and can make it N/A at me end?

Gaurav Kapoor

You should open a Seller Portal Customer Service Request
sign in to the seller portal and click on HELP
then on left upper side click on Contact Us
then from that menu select Contact Us
If a pop up comes up asking if you meant… you did not want to go there, just close the box.
Describe what is happening include the screen shot from above and I would also go to This DUNS Lookup link and enter your number and create a screen shot and attach that to show it is correct. (So they don’t tell you to fix your profile.)

When I searched for Foodie Android it all looked correct I don’t understand why it isn’t filling in correctly. The only thing I can think of is the contact information may not be completed. I can’t look at that.

If you get a fix your profile response from the Seller Portal let me know and I can try to intercede for you. Hopefully that won’t be an issue.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks Ron. Yes, it would be very grateful, If you can create a ticket on behalf of me.

I can’t do it until you’ve tried and been rejected or some other response. I’m developer relations and they wish all efforts be made to correct it through the Seller Portal before I can get involved.

I hope you understand.

Samsung Developer Relations

Please check the earlier response regarding the same issue.

Reading between the lines it looks like the contact information in your DUNS profile may not be completed. As I said I can’t open that to look at it.

They suggest you update your profile wait a couple days and then submit the DUNS number again. If it still doesn’t work update it again.

If it isn’t working on Friday then I can contact someone but please try to fix this issue in your profile first.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron,

Please see the following response from DUNS team. :sweat:

Right now I’m feeling like pendulum b/w Samsung and DUNS :sweat_smile:

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Rao, M Krishna
Date: Tue, Apr 4, 2023 at 11:45 AM
Subject: RE: Representative Name Issue Using D-U-N-S number
To: Foodie Android
Cc: Bhuptani, Priyanka, Bhatia, Dhara

Hi Gaurav,
Thanks for your email. Please find the details update in our database, we have already updated all the basic details of your company while assigning the DUNS. Please inform the Samsung team to provide the exact requirement. We have updated your cell number as you do not have any landline / board line for your company.

If I read their response right it probably was a missing phone number.

I’ve seen others with similar issues where the local DUNS agent has fixed it but it doesn’t get put into the system for several days. Try again next week it probably will work then.

By the way did you submit a developer support request or a Seller Portal support request? Jakia is in Developer Support and is saying they can’t do anything in the Seller Portal.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks Ron. I had submitted request to Developer and Service Center Support earlier.

Response from Seller Portal

If you updated your DUNS information on April 4th it may not have updated in the DnB lookup until the 14th. They say up to 2 weeks for international agencies.

What the seller office is saying is do a manual update of the information even if it is correct to force it being updated in the system but that was based on your enquiry 5 days ago. I would try to enter the DUNS number again Tuesday it may work then. If it doesn’t work do the manual update making sure all the characters are standard English characters. Then give it another shot in a week.

Please let me know if it works as well as if it doesn’t

Samsung Developer Relations

Still not getting Representative’s Name.

The representative is generally the person that applied for the DUNS number. Sometimes third party DUNS agents do not have the information clear. I’ll contact you for more information that is best private.

Samsung Developer Relations