Unable to submit Commercial Seller Request

I’m able to import the DUNS Number data, but when submitting the request on the seller portal, the Representative Name is empty and not editable. This is preventing me from submitting the request.


the Representative Name is empty and not editable.

This is a frequent problem. There are two problems one you can fix and one you cannot fix.

First look up your DUNS number and see if there is a Key Representative listed. You must have a persons by name not a place or business listed to sell in Europe and US and probably other countries. If that is it update your profile wait at least 3 business days and resubmit

Second is a DUNS API error when the information is parsed.
It happens when using some D&B partner issued DUNS accounts. Samsung identified the issue and reported it to D&B and were told it would be fixed by the end of 2023. There are two things you can do
Sign into the Seller Portal click on Help, near the upper left hand corner is contact us click on it another form will pop up select contact us and it will open a support form report it there… Just to get on the record
when the store replies to you let me know what they told you.

I can then remind the store ops team and they can remind the review team it isn’t fixed.

Samsung Developer Relations