Watch hand as button - problems

I’m using a seconds hand with sweep motion, I’ve set it as a button and added 10 images. Every image is 360x360. But when I run it on the device, the tap action is sometimes registered sometimes not. For example, it will swap images 3 times in a row and then stop working, then after 10 taps it will swap a couple then nothing for 4 taps etc. Totally random, there is no pattern to explain it.

Anyone had this problem? Any ideas on how to solve it or what may be causing it?

As I mention, it’s just a simple seconds hand, the movement is CCW and motion is sweep. Set as a button, more images added. In GWD works perfectly, on device works a little bit then doesn’t then works etc.

I think it is a bug in Tizen and it doesn’t do it with normal movement only sweep.

Let me know if that isn’t it or file a bug report

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Oh, shoot… Thanks Ron, I hope this is already reported?

Since I’m using sweep movement, it would appear that this is the cause.