Change order and name of customizations in watch face editor

Is there a way to change the order and/or name of user customizations as they appear in the watch face editor on the user’s watch? For example, all my color themes are just displayed on the watch as “1st option,” “2nd option,” etc. Some native watch faces have more descriptive names, like “blue/yellow/white.” Also, I have one watch face that allows me to turn on/off several graphical elements. These are each presented as a customizable option, but the order these are presented in the watch face editor doesn’t make sense. For example, instead of progressing from the top left, top right, bottom right, and bottom left elements, it jumps from bottom left, to top right, etc. I would love if I could dictate the order the options are presented in the watch face editor and the names they are given.

You can in wfs…select and drag it to change orders of color or styles. Think need to hold a mouse button right (i think) then drag

Dont mind showing what you mean.
As i tried native watch face currently no discrimination also.

I mean within the watch face editor on the user’s watch or phone, when they are customizing the watch face. I am including a screenshot from the Google Watch app on my phone because it is easier, but the same principle applies to the editor on the user’s watch. You can see that all my 4 settings (a graphic that can be toggled off/on, have the very descriptive names of “(number) setting” and the choices are 1st or 2nd option. Same with the color options, they are simply titled “(number) option”. A native watch face actually has names for the colors (see second screenshot). Finally, what order are the settings (setting 1, setting 2, etc ) presented in? How can I control that within WFS?

Try this or search the forum i think i answer this before

What phone? All watch is that for…

Native watch wearable app…different from google app

So i think the description only appears for the app u using?

You asked it before…

I think i now what your looking for…open customization editor try selecting for example setting 1 move it same way drag to where u want.

Cant remember is the order arrange of left side the labels or on top…will test if i have time. I done it before but forgotten exactly how i did it.

And for 1st setting, 2nd settings…the names can be changed to in wfs…need to set up some “label”

I submit screenshots when i have the time

above picture is how to customise the settings name.

if using 1.6.9

the arrow expands to change options.

to change order do the draging in the left .

the one i circled

P.s i didnt add how to change color or individual image style order because already explain in previously topics

As for order of complication, never tried, but maybe the order is base on the layer order. Behind or infront.


@jeanempresasshelby You are wrong i just show example how to do it. Did you even read my post ?

I have done it on my design…so its possible…

That is exactly what I was looking for, thank you! Is this new in the most recent beta, or has that always been there?

The options is new in 1.6.9

The rest i think since 1.4.x (settings, re-arranging order)

But complication slot ordering not sure is it due to layer order. Will try later or u try.

hey Knightwing! Can you explain how to change the “1st option” “2nd option” text to something more descriptive? I’d really appreciate it!

See my screenshorts press click on the >

Follow the screenshots above. You have to create a new ID, default value will be the displayed text, then assign the new ID to the setting you want.

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I assumed it was based on layer order, and so I layered them in the order I wanted. It didn’t seem to matter in earlier builds, but when I tried again today, they are in the correct order. I assume it is the layer order.

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ahhhh…got it! Thanks a lot!