Change to Seller Registration Requirements

Basically, a field remain void and as it’s auto fill so I can’t edit it. When I fills complete form, error message occurs and I go to back on the form which allow me to edit. After filling the form again, same error message appears.

Here is the field which remain void

When a space is blank you need to update your DUNS information or maybe contact D&B about that.

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Sorry, what I mean is that, in my understanding, Government may not have its own DUNS number, because DUNS is for business, please correct me if I am wrong.

If any Government unit want to publish an app to Galaxy Store, in this case, is DUNS also required for Government?
Does Galaxy Store provide any “seller” account type for Government that does not require DUNS?

Curious as to which government requires all of its app users to utilize Samsung devices?

Dear Ron, seem to be many people get the same error although we got our company and DUNS. Do you think we need to send you complete information by private message to check for exactly error we are facing?

@brownberrytech @b1joker

I am noticing that some people are being rejected and can re-submit the DUNS for the corrected auto fill in. If you get rejected don’t panic just submit again.

I’ll ask that if you are still under review I’ll see if there is a way to close the request and start again.

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I tried every day but alway got the same message although my info is correct. I’m feeling so bad and really want to know what’s problem i’m facing, at least is detail error, not only the text " The Page you requested is not available".

hello, what exactly your email, visao.toibuon.1207 or visaotoibuon.1207 ? i got the same problem with you, maybe we can cross check

Hey Ron, I am facing same problem since last month. I’ve recently updated my DUNS, it will take 5 business days to update. Now lets see what happens

They are starting to change the status of those that had DUNS number entry problems. So I’d wait the 5 business days and try again. Of course this is Korean New Years weekend so give it a full five business days.

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Hi bro, are you fixed this problem with Zip / Postal Code ? i’m facing a problem like you.

Dear Ron, may I know is there any DUNS number related instruction for Government unit to publish an app.
We will appreciate it if you could convey our concern to the related parties.
If there is no other way for Government unit to publish an app to Galaxy Store, we may no longer to update our app in Galaxy Store.

I’ll look into this deeper, I sent you a private message for more information.

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