Chronograph (stopwatch) function

Hi Everyone,

Forgive me if this is treading on old ground, but is anyone aware of how to ‘enable’ a watch face to perform a chronograph (stopwatch) function? Imagine, tapping on one button (over the hour complication) to start, and tapping on another button (over the minute complication) to stop the stopwatch, so that it acts like a traditional chronograph with start and stop being performed by pushers at ‘2’ and ‘4’… obviously not with pushers though.

I suspect I can open the ‘timer’ app by assigning a button to open this app, but I’d prefer the watch face to perform the function so that an inert ‘Seconds’ hand springs to life…

No doubt this is api/code/script is kept hidden in an (Andriod developers) vault and guarded so that Ethan Hunt and his team would walk away from the mission, but I thought I’d ask anyway…

Thanks for reading.

Please let me know if you’ve any ideas.

Are you trying to do this with Tizen Studio or with Galaxy Watch Designer? If from GWD then there isn’t any way to do it at this time. If from Tizen Studio it should not be that hard, either native or web app.

Samsung Developer Program

I have several watch faces with the integrated stopwatch.
It can only be done with Tizen studio.

Thanks Ron, I’ll look at Tizen studio

Thanks ser, encouraging that you’ve done what I’d like to achieve.

Have you published examples I could see on Galaxy Store or Facer?

Thanks again for your feedback and pointing me in the right direction.


I have nothing published about how it can be done.

It is somewhat complex.

You can download my watch face for free with a stopwatch built into the samsung store app.

Look for the watcg face in the samsung store with the following name:

Sport S-60M

Watch the video on YouTube of how it works.

Sport S 60M

(Sport S-60M) Watch face for Samsung Galaxy Watch, Watch Active, Watch Active 2, Gear S3 and Gear Sport

I don’t know if it’s what you’re looking for.



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Hi Ser,

That’s very kind of you. I’ve downloaded it. Nice retro feel, reminds me of my Casio back in the 80’s… Thanks again, you’ve been very helpful. Looks like I’ve a lot of reading/learning to do on Tizen Studio! Cheers.