Consent to GDPR. How?

I’m getting this message every time I want to submit my DUNS number. It says my nationality information changed, but information from DUNS is identical with information I registered on Seller, so I don’t know why I’m even dealing with this. My question is, how do I consent to GDPR Privacy Policy? Link in the picture gets me nowhere, it’s just a description what GDPR is.



I’d suggest you go look are your current account and see if there is a link to consent. You may have to read it. If that doesn’t have it let me know and I’ll ask the store ops team. I don’t live in the EU so I don’t see that :slight_smile:

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you for your reply. I checked my accounts on multiple Samsung sites. I couldn’t find anything related to GDPR. This is the link from the image: Samsung Galaxy Store Seller Portal
I tried contacting Samsung with this link Privacy Support but I was rejected saying it was not the correct place to give consent, so I’m lost now.
If you could ask someone who could possibly direct me, it would be really helpful.

I wrote to you in a private message for more information.

Samsung Developer Relations

Same problem here. Where should I accept the terms?

I’ll contact you for more information


I am having the same problem, does anyone know?

Are you from Turkey? It may be because you have the older or newer name in the seller profile different than what DUNS has. You probably need to update one or the other. I think that is what triggers it, that was the case with the other people that had an issue on this thread.

I think this is just the same privacy policy for Play Store requires statements of what you do with user information.

You add a link to the Privacy policy in in your app when you upload.

Check your profile country to see if they are different.

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Many thanks Ron.
I’m from UK. Born here.

But the UK left the EU :slight_smile: I wonder if that was the issue.

Try to get the seller portal to look at the issue if you don’t get any help let me know Monday. My contact in the Store Ops team is on vacation until Monday.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi! I’m having the same problem, I can’t seem to find a way to consent to the GDPR Privacy Policy when registering for commercial seller status. Could you please assist? Thanks!


Click OK in the pop-up dialog to consent to the GDPR Privacy Policy and then try registering for commercial seller status again.

If this pop-up appears again, contact Seller Portal support. Log in to Seller Portal, click Help > Contact us, then click Contact us at the Customer Center > at the bottom (if a pop-up with “Did you mean” appears, close it).

If you don’t hear back from them in a timely manner, please reach back out to us.

Thank you for your response! I did create a customer center ticket prior to seeing your response, but as per your recommendation I now just pressed OK and I went ahead with submitting the request.