Device Compatibility

I can see now some of the developers who had the same problem in Play Store with compatible device error has solved it somehow. I still don’t know how to solve this to be able to download the watch faces through phone. I know I have to upload a phone app bundle too but I don’t know how to build it. The abb file Watch Face Studio builds is not compatible with phones.


I have the same problem. Watch faces can only be downloaded via the browser of a PC or laptop and the portfolio cannot be accessed via the Google Play app unless the link is accessed via Facebook.
Of course, that means massive losses in sales.

I find it counterproductive that we developers have to circumvent this bug from Google ourselves by programming some fake apps and running the risk of being blocked at some point.

In my opinion, it is Google’s responsibility to fix these bugs. But apparently nobody cares.


I have reported this to GooglePlay Developer Support. Perhaps if more publishers do the same, they might prioritize it.


Agree. Developers with knowledge on Android Studio have overcome the limitation by pairing their apps with another “Companion app”. For non Android Studio (coding) experts, is to learn it or wait out.

According to Google Play, there are an estimated 13,840 Android devices that are not supported in Google Play, for apps build with an target API 28+. WFS .aab file is one of it, its too advanced. There are only about 30 Android devices that can handle API 28+. Users with iPhone have no issue accessing all the apps on Developer’s page. Even my Samsung S10+ purchased 3 years ago is not supported.