Double click on installer (Tizen Studio 4.1) doesn't launch the app on Big Sure 11.3.1

Using Big Sur version 11.3.1
Have jdk installed as a pre-requisite

which java


Downloaded through the link:-

MacOS X Mirror location–>Origin

After downloading the app:, installer is displayed, double click on installer icon didn’t launch the app

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There is no JDK prerequisite for Tizen Studio 3.7 and higher. Tizen Studio now has its own version of the Java Runtime included. I think having the JDK installed may be altering the path so it isn’t finding the correct JRE. This may be why it isn’t installing.
Try uninstalling JDK and making sure there is no path to any JDK and reinstalling Tizen Studio 4.x

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@ r.liechty_SDP

Uninstalled JDK
removed $JAVA_HOME from zshrc profile
Open command prompt

  java -version
        The operation couldn’t be completed. Unable to locate a Java Runtime.
        Please visit for information on installing Java.

I re-installed Tizen Studio 4.1 for MacOS X but still i can’t launch the installer

I couldn’t make it working even though i uninstalled existing JDK from mac

Any recommendations?

Hi amrin,

There has been several similar messages just in the past week. I’ll do some work to see if I can find a solution.

Samsung Developer Team

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Please open a support request if you haven’t already created on.

Here is that the support team told me to try

We can follow the below steps-

  1. First of all we have to make sure that we don’t have multiple Java installed on our pc. It can cause problems.
    To check Java, please follow the below command-

This is the command to check all java versions installed:

“/usr/libexec/java_home -V”
To check which you are using currently:

“echo $JAVA_HOME”

  1. From your terminal, try the below command-

sudo spctl --master-disable

  1. If we do not have extra Java installed on the MAC, then we have to try to install Tizen Studio from CLI.
    Please follow the below steps to install Tizen Studio from CLI-

  2. Download installer “web-cli_Tizen_Studio_4.1_macos-64.bin” from Index of /sdk/Installer/tizen-studio_4.1/

  3. Make the file executable using the command in terminal
    chmod a+x web-cli_Tizen_Studio_4.1_macos-64.bin

  4. Run the installer file and follow the instructions in the terminal.

  5. After the installation is finished only Baseline tools and package-manager are installed.
    You have to open from installed location and install any one of the profiles for e.g mobile-6.0, wearable-6.0 to launch the IDE.

Also you may be able to install Tizen Studio with CLI.

None of the above steps are not 100% confirmed, we need to test this on different machines where the problem occurred so contact support and report it if it works or doesn’t.

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I tried to install via CLI but ended up in:-
./ line 7: /Users/username/.package-manager/jdk/Contents/Home/bin/java: No such file or directory

once the file ./web-cli_Tizen_Studio_4.1_macos-64.bin is executed

Hello Amrin,

I just know enough about Mac commandline to cause havoc so I can’t help here. Please do create a support request The more data they have the more they can narrow this down.

Samsung Developer Relations.

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I already created a support request.
Looking forward to hear from them soon

Hello @amrin ,

I face the exact same issue… did the support team help you fix this problem, if yes please share it with me.

Looking forward hearing from you.


Hi @amrin
Same issue here, did you get any replies? Or can you drop ticket link here?

There was a Tizen 4.1.1 released late last week that should resolve all the install issues.

For command line install follow the below steps to install Tizen Studio 4.1.1

  1. From the terminal, try below command-
    sudo spctl --master-disable
  2. Download the Tizen Studio from the below link and install it.

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No need to do sudo spctl --master-disable and compromise on your OS security
You can just delete jdk folder in /Users/username/.package-manager/jdk/
find $JAVA_HOME path and create a link in this folder /Users/username/.package-manager/ with jdk reference

I was using Java that came along with Android Studio, hence i did
ln -s “/Applications/Android” jdk
and voila my tizen is setup now


I couldn’t make it working Any recommendations?

Check your path and make sure that it doesn’t have a Java that isn’t there.
If that isn’t it create a bug report and provide all information you can.

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I installed Tizen Studio 4.1.1 on MacOS Big Sur 11.6.1 successfully after delete jdk folder in /Users/username/.package-manager/jdk/ as your instruction. Thanks so much :slight_smile: