Can't accept License Agreement for Tizen Studio on macOS Big Sur v11.3.1

I have macOS Big Sur v11.3.1 and when I downloaded Tizen Studio 4.1 and run the installer, I can’t Accept terms, nor Cancel it nor close the installer app (unless from Dock). Tizen Studio installer window is just not clickable.

Could you help me with installing Tizen Studio?

HI Tamara,

I’ve been seeing a lot of reports with Tizen Studio issues installing the latest version of macOS Big Sur

I’ll look for a solution but please create a tech support request They can contact the Tizen Studio team and find a common solution.

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Please open a support request if you haven’t already created on.

Here is that the support team told me to try

We can follow the below steps-

  1. First of all we have to make sure that we don’t have multiple Java installed on our pc. It can cause problems.
    To check Java, please follow the below command-

This is the command to check all java versions installed:

“/usr/libexec/java_home -V”
To check which you are using currently:

“echo $JAVA_HOME”

  1. From your terminal, try the below command-

sudo spctl --master-disable

  1. If we do not have extra Java installed on the MAC, then we have to try to install Tizen Studio from CLI.
    Please follow the below steps to install Tizen Studio from CLI-

  2. Download installer “web-cli_Tizen_Studio_4.1_macos-64.bin” from Index of /sdk/Installer/tizen-studio_4.1/

  3. Make the file executable using the command in terminal
    chmod a+x web-cli_Tizen_Studio_4.1_macos-64.bin

  4. Run the installer file and follow the instructions in the terminal.

  5. After the installation is finished only Baseline tools and package-manager are installed.
    You have to open from installed location and install any one of the profiles for e.g mobile-6.0, wearable-6.0 to launch the IDE.

Also you may be able to install Tizen Studio with CLI.

None of the above steps are not 100% confirmed, we need to test this on different machines where the problem occurred so contact support and report it if it works or doesn’t.

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We just followed the instructions. When running the package-manager on MacOSX 11.3.1 (Big Sur) nothing is clickable.

I have the same problem as @istieng , followed all instructions above and package manager is not clickable.
Also, I had Tizen previously installed and working fine, and after the Big Sur update, the package manager got unresponsive.

Please open a support request with Developer Support and if they have solution report it here for others. It appears that the fix I posted works for most but not all. The more information they have the more likely it is they can solve it.

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I have already created.

Hi there,
I am facing the same issue. The GUI Installer on License Agreement gets frozen on Big Sur. (On Catalina, it worked ok).

Any update?

There is none that I know of. Open a support request and they will contact you when a solution is available.

This is a Tizen Studio issue but Samsung developer support is in contact with that group.

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Today, I want to share the workaround to avoid it and use TS IDE on the Big Sur.

like you, I did not launch TizenStudio 4.1 IDE on Big Sur 11.4 version, too.

But I used that cli installer like the one below that.

chmod +x ./web-cli_Tizen_Studio_4.1_macos-64.bin
./web-cli_Tizen_Studio_4.1_macos-64.bin --accept-license $TIZEN_STUDIO_PATH
Ex) Install mobile 6.0) => $TIZEN_STUDIO_PATH/package-manager/package-manager-cli.bin install MOBILE-6.0 -r Index of /sdk/tizenstudio/ -d official --accept-license

And then, I can use IDE, Emulator, and so on in the Big Sur version, too.

Could you use that commands, too?

It is important to use package-manger cli to install tizen package like mobile-6.0.

In order to install the extension, you can use that commands, too.

  1. Ex) Show Command package lists: ./package-manager-cli.bin show-pkgs
  2. Ex) Display Samsung Certificate Extension: ni cert-add-on 2.0.54 Samsung (ni: not installed)
  3. Ex) Install command Samsung Certificate Extension: ./package-manager-cli.bin install cert-add-on --accept-license

With --help command like " ./package-manager-cli.bin --help" , you can see other commands or sub-commands/options.

You can refer to a similar solution on Tizen Studio and Mac OS issues - #15 by shyam


I was told that Tizen Org is preparing a Tizen Studio update 4.1.1 that works on macOS Big Sur 11.4

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Tizen Studio 4.1.1 version was released June 24, 2021

Download it HERE

To install Tizen Studio from the terminal, try the command-
sudo spctl --master-disable

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