URGENT Error: Representative’s Name Cannot Be Left Blank

Hi Samsung team,

There are issues with your D&B API for the reference name.

I have reached out to D&B and they have advised that all the information is correct.

Also we do not have a bank account as our application will be completely free and there will be no IAP. We will not be needing to take any payments whatsoever.

The “Representative Name”
And Company bank account needs to be left blank.

Please help us move forward with this so that we are able to get our account verified.

Here are the screenshots.

Thank you in advance

Hello BDAG,

Welcome to the Samsung Developer forum!

All Android app developers must be commercial sellers, even if you do not plan to sell your app or in-app items. Therefore, you must include either PayPal or bank account information.

In regards to the Representative’s name, please refer to https://forum.developer.samsung.com/t/error-representatives-name-cannot-be-left-blank/24928/48: