DUNS Number Entry Fixes

The following items should now be fixed when entering the DUNS number

  1. DUNS input error (error due to special symbol , Latin language)
  2. Representative name blank issue when entering DUNS

In some cases the ZIP/Postal code - null display issue
The sellers need to update the company information in DUNS website this occurs because it is not the latest company information in DUNS website.

If you have other issues make sure your DUNS information is up to date.

Thanks for your patience in resolving these issues.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Hi Ron.

I am still having issue from the seller portal as it does not accept my DUNS number, my DUNS number is valid. I have raised multiple requests and my ticket number is 8214209139. Can you please check and follow-up whats happening. This is blocking from me publish new app.

I’ll contact you by messenger to get more details.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron which messenger will you cantect me?

Hi Ron

Why is it failing.

See my DUNS number is valid and active.


(Attachment XRecorder_06012023_115631.mp4 is missing)

I did a business look up for your DUNS number and got this

There are no search results for “8214209139” within Company Profiles.

Are you sure you didn’t transpose some numbers? Check your profile maybe it is hidden or something.


Hello, I have also been unable to successfully authenticate my company’s DUNS number when trying to request commercial seller status. Am I able to receive support for that here?

HI @lonewolfstudiosllc,

What kind of error are you having?

Sharing here maybe someone who has already experienced the same problem can give you some tips on how to solve it.

Hello, it only tells me the DUNS number authentication failed and nothing else when starting the commercial seller request process. Double checked and the DUNS number has no typos so uncertain what could be going wrong.

Ron, a Samsung employee here on the forum, said that they would release an update package on the portal these days. Maybe that’s why this error is happening.
How long have you been trying?

An update with some fixes is scheduled for released on the 15th.

The other errors I see are where the DUNS number is issued by a D&B partner And they seem to have a different form. I know Australia and some EU countries have this issue.

@lonewolfstudiosllc I’ll contact you in private message

Samsung Developer Relations


  1. Representative name blank issue when entering DUNS

We’re facing this issue when applying for commercial status and it becomes ridiculous.

The support service asks us to contact D&B and update the information, D&B Cyprus representative tells us that everything is up-to-date, but there’s no “Representative name” field that they can fill. I reckon Samsung tries to use a name of the company executive? Anyways, this is also filled in D&B.

Could you please explain what exact field in D&B database you need to be filled so that we could at least explain this to D&B?

It is the contact person and it must be a person. Is this a 3rd party DUNS provider?

If the contact person is there. Go to your DUNS profile and make a change of some sort. That should force it to be updated in the entire system but that takes up to 5 business days. Make sure that all entries only contain English or Latin characters.

I’ve been asked to not interfere unless all efforts to try and settle this with D&B and Seller Portal help have run their course.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hm, so there’s a field in DUNS profile called “contact person”, right?

Yes, on Cyprus you need to use a 3rd party provider.

That is what I thought, they don’t always use the same Form as Duns & Bradstreet, I’ll send you a private email to get more information.

Samsung Developer Relations

We are also having this problem. I called dun&bradstreet today and they see no issue with our DUNS. Please advise.
Thank you

Check and see if you have a Key Principal listed. That is the company representative and it must be a human with contact information.
While it isn’t required for a DUNS number it is in the US and other countries.

If that is there let me know.

Samsung Developer Relations

We are a Swedish entity. Hence no contact.

Hi Ron,
We are having an issue of getting authenticated with the DUNS # xxxxxxxxx You can reply with a private message to me.