How to solve Failed DUNS authentication?

Hi, we are facing the problem of Failed DUNS authentication and the Samsung customer centre said our DUNS was not available in the system. But we’ve confirmed with D&B customer support that our DUNS is available. Then we sent our DUNS document to Samsung customer centre to ask them to check again, but they still said our DUNS was not available. Are anyone facing the same problem? Is there any solution?

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Did you try to reach out to the Seller Office CS channel?

I’m a bit confused. Why are you sending your DUNS information to the Customer Service Centre?

When you register your Seller Portal account you enter it in the system at that time. If you are getting no account response back at that point and the DUNS number is new then it takes a few days up to 2 weeks to fully propagate out to the system.

If you are getting a representative name is missing error that is D&B DUNS API and they are working on it.

If it is neither one of those issues respond here and I’ll contact you for more information. Do not post your DUNS information on the open forum.

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Hi Ron, neither one of those issues you mentioned above.
This is the notice after authenticating our DUNS number. We tried to ask Samsung CS for help, they said our DUNS number was not available in the system. But we‘ve checked with DUNS customer support that our DUNS is indeed valid. So, we are confused why the Samsung system cannot authenticate our DUNS. Please help to check and thanks for your help.

Hi, i think we are facing the same problem, the system shows that the DUNS number has been blocked from making Commercial Distribution Seller requests in accordance with the Operation Policy. And we also contacted the seller portal CS for the reason why our duns was blocked, what they replied was our profile failed to be validated in the system.
What can we do to solve it?

That is usually when the number is used a second time. Even if the original account that used it deleted the account the number is still in the system.

If that isn’t your reason let me know and I can ask the store operations team about it.

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We only submitted our duns number once but it failed to pass the authentication due to that our developer account was not the official domain account. Then we changed it to our official domain account and tried to submit it again, it showed DUNS number was blocked and the CS said our DUNS was invalidated:dizzy_face:. Please help to ask the store operation team, thank you so much.

I’ll see what I can do, I didn’t have much success with the last DUNS number that was flagged for this type of infraction.

Samsung Developer Relations