Error integrity check failed

I am having problem with the watch face studio application. I already created a keystore folder, put the password and everything but when progressing to the publish part I get an integrity check failed error. created the keystore folder using CMD keytool because I wasn’t able to use watch face studio version 1.5.7. When I go to create the keystore appears: ENOENT: no such file or directory, access ‘C:\Users\david\WatchFaceStudio’. I entered the path of the folder where watch face studio is installed, and now it is saying that the “keystore password was incorrect”

Why weren’t you able to use the WFS 1.5.7 to create the Keystore?

The path for keystore is the keystore.jks file not the folder if you didn’t use that you’d get the error.

Another issue is the 2 digit country code was not the same as your system
Also the Keystore password is not correct there are rules about it so just use common English alphabet not symbols or non English characters.

Samsung Developer Relations