Error when trying to add a Distributor Cert

Hello guys,

Please help me with this weird issue that i faced, im trying to develop a smart TV app on tizen 3 smart tv (UA50MU7000).
The error appears when i create a new Distributor Certificate for the connected TV with DUID. if i add a DUID then i got this message :
java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1

If i remove the DUID then it create the certificate but im not able to install the app on the TV.
My dev environment setup:
Windows 10
Tizen studio 3.7
Java JDK 8 (jdk1.8.0_251)
with full permission to “tizen-studio” and “tizen-studio-data” folders.

Any help would be appreciated,
Thank you very much

What version of Tizen are you creating and what version of Tizen is your TV? If it is still at Tizen 3 and you are building a Tizen 5.5 app it won’t install.

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Hi Ron, yes im building an app for smart TV with tizen 3, what version of tizen studio should i install ?

I don’t know if I’m right on that answer or not now. When I go to the tools site it says for Tizen 3 to download the 5.5 TV Extension and when I open the samples it says it is for Tizen 2.3 and newer.

Just to be sure you have the Samsung Tizen Developer Certificate and not the Tizen Certificate. You need the Samsung certificate to load on the Samsung TV.

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Let me know the Tizen version and Tiezen app version for better understanding.

Hi guys, thanks for your replys,
I’m new to Tizen smart TV applications so i’m trying to be clear as much as i could. What i tried is to install the clock sample app on my home smart TV (which is Tizen OS 3) just as a getting started to app development.
First i installed latest version of tizen studio 3.7 and tv extension tools 5.5 with latest jdk 8 from oracle.
Then I connected to the tv. To install the app i put the tv on developer mode and Created a samsung certificate (Not tizen cert) The author certificate created fine, but i cannot continue with the Distributor cert when there is added DUID because of the error message.
I tried older versions of JDK and older versions of tizen studio (2.5) with tv extensions 3 and even installed windows 7 on virtual box with the same tools but with no success.
Please let me know if i missed anything

Create a new Certificate Profile I was looking around and someone said if you have the DUID for the emulator in the certificate profile it will not let you generate a Distributor Certificate.

I don’t have a way to verify that on the TV but give it a try.

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I figured out what caused the error, the problem was gone when i logged in with a new samsung account so it seems there was an issue with the first one.

Sweet, I’ll add this to my tips. I apologize for not being of more help.

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Thank you very much Ron your contribution is much appreciated.

My 2 cents on this issue : the error disappeared when I replaced the “+” in my account email address by a “.”.