Face Rejected because of Description?

After waiting a few weeks for approval, I got rejected for not having METADATA in my description. Never had that issue before. Is this something new I missed?

Here is the rejected verbiage:

The last line of description does not contain text(s) of your watchface image. (DIG-I-LINE, X-TRACK)

[Test Procedure]
Check that the app description contains the word(s) on your watchface image.
If there is word(s) in your watchface image, you should write them under “[Watchface Keyword]” in the last line of description field.

For example, if there is “Samsung Buz” in the watchface image, the words should be written in the last line of the field as follows.
[Watchface Keyword]
Samsung, Buz (Words must be separated with commas or space)

[Expected Result]
the word(s) of your watchface image should be in the last line of description.

I’m new to all of this but I appreciate you posting this dilemma. As the new Guy, I know what to look for. How you since this issue.

I don’t know. I have approx 60 faces for sale and have never seen this before.

You should have gotten a letter in December about this. Perhaps it was lost to spam mailbox. You also should have gotten an email with a list of banned keywords.

Any words or phrases in your watch face need to be listed at the end of your description like this
[Watchface Keyword]

The good news is that you don’t have to go to the end of the waiting list but will be reviewed quickly for metadata errors as long as your binary passed.

Because Watch Face Sellers are a closed ecosystem information it transmitted only to approve watch face sellers you need to be sure you are getting the notices from Samsung. Ignoring these notices even accidentally has cause the loss of privilege to many sellers.

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Thanks Ron. Weird question

I spell it digiline but the logo has the hyphen dig-I-line

I prefer no hyphen. Will they enforce exact spelling?

Yes they will require the exact spelling that appears on the watch.

Not all the reviewers are fluent in English and rely on an automated system that scans the description for banned words. So when they see a word on a watch face they don’t know if it is banned or not.

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Thank you once again!

Yeah I did get the notice just didn’t fully read it. My bad.


If you don’t have any words on your watch face, do you still need to include the [Watchface Keyword] tag in the description, with nothing under it?

There is an example where someone showed the German word for Saturday Samstag in their watch and it was flagged so if you have any non-English words even months or days, include them.

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Hello Ron,

Is this process with the tag automated? I am asking because i have a feeling that the approval process takes more time than before. I have submitted updates of my watch faces with intention to change the icons (no binary change) and include the tags.

In the past, the approval process would complete maximum within 5 working days. Currently for my case since the update it’s 8 working days and counting.

Are you aware if there is any prioritization criteria in place (new vs updated content)?
Also, it seems that the review team is testing the watch faces on the device groups even if i clearly state that there is no binary change. Don’t they have an automated way to flag if the version of the binary is different than before - therefore test on device is required, or not?

I believe that this would speed up the process with updates at least.

Kind Regards

The process is slower because the team has to review all the content in the store and has limited the number of reviews for new and updated content. All changes except for prices need to go through a review again. It appears that the review team has expanded but the newer reviewers just use a check list method on all reviews new or updates.

The watch faces currently in the store will stay for sale during the process. If they were to prioritize I think that would be the last to test. :slight_smile:

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Hello Ron, Sorry I have to bring you back to this again, I just need a bit more clarification.
In the watchface i have attached, do i need to attach words such as Calender, Messages, Apps, Battery e.t.c in description as watchface keywords? or just the logo text “eRab”

As long as they are in English the words should be OK I might add Good Afternoon I’m not sure how fluent in English the reviewers are.


FWIW I add every word regardless, and haven’t had a problem. It’s not hard to do :slight_smile: