Keywords in Review Process

My last design has failed cause I did not include “A few seconds” keywords in the description. Which describes the last update time for weather? I really can not understand is this a reason to fail from review?
And at least, it should not be checked first? Should I have to wait 2-3 weeks to get this fail?
Something is not right…

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Every word on your watch face need to go in the description keyword list, otherwise you will likely get a rejection. Resubmissions may not be so long…

Yes the rules are strict …

“A few seconds” is not a keyword, not describing my watch face. This is what I’m saying. This is a dynamic place to show last update time. I already added all keywords.

OK, good luck, nothing more I can add.

Well after almost one month of waiting for the review it finally failed to pass… The reason for the first time that it has happened, is that i did not include the keyword for the location’s name that the watch face was displaying. Which is the place i currently leave.
I really think that the reason it failed is not sensible when i am stating on the description that in that area it was displaying the weather location.

Nope, it doesn’t make sense to us; however the testers have their rules given to them… if there’s a word on the watch face image, it needs to be listed in the keyword section of the description, they’ve made it clear :slight_smile: Just like the face that was rejected because the German word for Saturday was used but not included… Testers probably only speak English and don’t have time to translate everything on a face.