Font messed up after reset

Hi all, I did reset on my watch since I had som issues and after I downloaded my watch faces I made in WFS I am not able to properly see time digits for Skull. What ever I do the time digits get cut off on the left side. If i switch to default font and make it huge it works, but custom font has problems. Any ideas what to change or adjust to make it work properly?


Hello, it looks like you have there two time text fields, with two digits in each.
Are only the left digits in each field cut or both in same time window?

I would try to add some dummy characters like dot before and after the time tag and separate them from the time with multiple spaces, so that the characters would land outside the centered text field, to give the bug something to bite, before it comes to the visible digits.

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Hi Peter, yes I have extra field for hour and extra for minutes. Only the left side is affected. I did as you sugested and it seams to work. Thank you so much

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