French Date

In the french language, there is a ‘.’ (point) after the short month (MONTH_S)
is it possible to remove it ?
Thank you.

Inside the text field you can delete it. But after delete recheck if it is working same, or else you need to keep the “.” again.

There is no real truncate function on WFS yet to cut the inconsistent abbreviations to some sort of standard length. This issue is here since the GWD times and seems not many care much about it. You could try to make a separate text field for French abbreviations assigned using expressions

Since this would solve the extra dot character only in one language per text field and nobody wants to investigate which other languages would need such extra layer of corrections, I would suggest to use monospaced font in a field aligned to left and covered with mask over the inconsistent ending.


Formatting text is already a frequently requested feature.

The abbreviations are derived from a standard library for Time and abbreviations are not always shortened to 3 characters when they say they should be.
They changed the library but the inconsistent 3 character abbreviation remains.

There used to be disclaimer in the old library API I find the new one hard to read.

Samsung Developer Relations

Btw, with true truncating function there could be easily made 1, 2 or 3 letter abbreviations from any clutter. Masking works well only with monospaced font.