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Can anyone Please tell me why this will not work on GWS . I am trying to port an ECO Face to my Galaxy Active . I have not use GWS for a while . The movement of the Hour hand coincides with that of the Second Hand . So every 6 degrees . I have tested the math structure on another platform all works fine .
I am assuming i can use floor but if I take it out of my Formula it works but does not step correctly . Also I am trying to orbit something else with cos sin formulas but I can not get that to work either .

This is the one I have working on WFS


Thanks in anticipation .


if I remember correctly, GWS can not use function floor nor the sin/cos.
X-X%1 should work instead. for example [H]*30+([m]/12-([m]/12)%1)*6

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Thank you Teacher . Just shows us how lucky to have the other Platforms and you to help us . That is perfect . You have to get the Syntax right on GWS or it is just ignored . No point working in the Box . So thanks so very much again .
What I am trying to do is slide a battery data dot up the seconds hand as the indicator . I have done it on WFS having developed it on another Platform both used cos and sin . I wonder if you think it is possible or just find another way .
Thanks again for being there .

True orbiting is in GWS possible only with complicated formula for numerical approximate calculation of the trigonometric functions using Maclaurins polynomial series, one for each quadrant. I once did it, but dont have my notes anymore and to derive the formulas again is too much effort for no gain. Easier would be to make like 10 or 20 images with the dot on different distance from center of the image, and turn them on with conditional line or expression.


Peter my Friend . You have given me exactly the answer I needed . The main trick with this one is that the hands Coincide . You have cracked that for me . I will get another abstract power Gauge going . The Idea was to have an Eco Eco Face . What I am calling Eco2 . Ha Ha . Loads of extra layers will be a contradiction . I will post the Zipper here when I am done . Off to fix the PWM om my friends Laser right now . Thank you so very much indeed . Respect as always for you Contribution to this Whole Game :::)))

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Thank you Peter . I know you do not need to see the GWD but someone might like to look at it . Thanks again .

. (301.4 KB)

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