Galaxy Watch 4

Any info on whether or not Galaxy Watch Studio will support Galaxy Watch 4 with the new Wear OS3/Tizen platform?

No it wont, there was the converter introduced:

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the official image like that is misleading, the converter converts (very bad and very limited) to .aab not to apk, this OS is a kind of hybrid that apparently only Samsung can use with "wear os (which is actually this hybrid rare) “and not all other real Wear OS … that’s why it is currently compatible with” only 2 devices “and to test how it converted you must have the new Samsung watch because there is no emulator, and it is advisable to try before” pay in Google play "to be able to sell, since like Samsung, it will go through a review before being approved and published in the messy google play store

Sorry, I just tried to visualize the compatibilities, did not try to convert anything to check whether this info was correct.

do not wear yourself out with this poor quality system, I doubt that with this they will approach Apple, on the contrary, they turned their back on the reason why people bought Samsung and not Apple, that is tizen … this format does not work on other real Wear OS … it only works on 2 hybrid devices, so I don’t know how many sales you will have with those 2 available devices if 90% of the market is from Apple and the rest is divided into tizen and the real Wear OS … . better produce faces for Tizen😊

I do not expect any “sales” on any platform, as hobby people seem not worthy of big or small corporations attention. I just try and play. I was pleased that wfs has better implemented tags. But if the conversion tool works same lame as the import of .gwd into wfs, then there is no actual need for such convertor. I will just continue playing and directly sideloading for friends, as long the tools remain public.