Galaxy Watch Active 2 - Always On Shifts to a random direction (40mm)


I just noticed that when my watch turns to Always on mode, it shifts slightly to a different random direction, but goes back to normal on active mode.

For watch faces that has similar index, it can be a bummer (looks ugly).
NOTE: This only happens to 40mm (I have the 44mm too)

Any fix?

Hi, it is a feature that should help to reduce burn in effect. A fix would be to use index, that does not touch the screen border, but has few pixels black frame around it, to allow the AoD screen shift without cutting visible elements.

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I see, that actually makes sense. Just wondering why this does not occur on the 44mm though.

It just looks ugly sometimes :frowning:


AoD mode always shifts a few pixels to prevent burn in. It should constantly be shifting on both the 40 mm and 44 mm watch it just may not be as apparent in the 44 mm watch or it may start out at the same and shift later when you don’t notice it.

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