Galaxy Watch and HC-06 Bluetooth Module

Hello, I’m a Galaxy Watch 3 user who likes to make fun tools.

Currently, the idea I’m thinking and trying to make is to control the RC car using the Galaxy Watch. In addition, the Galaxy Watch’s gyro sensor is used to make them take a set action when a specific value is measured.
To do this, I tried to control it using the HC-06 Bluetooth module, which is frequently used in Arduino rather than the network.

However, the Galaxy Watch 3 seems to be able to scan Bluetooth scans only Bluetooth earphones such as buzz or AirPods.

Can’t the Galaxy Watch connect HC-06 or 05 Bluetooth module?
I’m trying to make it an app exclusively for Galaxy Watch so that I don’t need a smartphone.

You can’t do any of this with Galaxy Watch Studio for Tizen. That is a design tool and not a developer tool.

You need to use Tizen Studio to create an app. Are you developing in Native, .NET or Web? I would imagine you can access Bluetooth in Native but the default watch only searches for Phone or some auxiliary devices.
Generally something like you wished to do would require an Android companion app on your smart phone.

I’ll move this to the Tizen Studio forum for now pending on what language you are using.

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