Galaxy Watch3 custom WF


The skills for making a lookalike Corum Voodoo Matt Barnes’ watch face are clearly beyond my infant-like abilities; I was having various problems with reducing the OPR values to less than 15% (now I think I know why you don’t see many white faces), and also getting the hands to resemble the minimalist ones on the watch.

I’m sure it can be done, it’s just a little beyond me!

It can be easily done however it cannot be listed on the store because it would violate IP protections.

There’s a reason the real watch is so expensive :slight_smile:

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You only need to reduce the OPR (On Pixel Ratio) for AOD (Always On Display) watch face the active watch face has no restrictions. The easiest way to get OPR lower for the AoD is to select all and lower the opacity for all.
Generally the background is going to be the biggest user so lowering it may also solve the issue but GWS provides an analysis to determine what are the items with the brightest Pixels

You don’t see white watch faces because they have a huge battery drain and get complaints.

FWIW the original post was edited, and my IP comment was based on the OP asking " Any of you pros fancy a small project for a Galaxy Watch 3?"

Thanks Redacted. Yes, too costly for me.

I wasn’t wanting for it to be listed on the store (for obvious reasons) just a small private project but thanks anyway.

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Thanks a lot. I’ll try and have a go if I get the time but I found the program a bit confusing for my amateur skills.

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