Wireless Debugging or "Why must Samsung break things via updates"

Before the latest WearOS update, on my Watch 5 Pro as an example, you could reliably maintain a wireless debug connection to the Watch, now the bloody thing randomly disconnects, usually when youre halfway through debugging something, meaning you have to go back to the start, only to find it will randomly sever the connection AGAIN.

This is abject madness!

  • Yes, im disabling Bluetooth
  • Yes, im only using Wifi
  • Yes, im correctly paired (dont even get me started on the lunacy behind requiring this nonsense when the attack vector for a Watch is local - its a hateful stupid requirement)
  • Yes, ive tried doing it on the charger
  • Yes, ive tried disabling Auto Wifi

Does Samsung have any idea how much of peoples time theyre collectively wasting by making their software worse?

Buggy WearOS updates, with lunatic wifi debug pairing requirements are a regression…

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You are blaming Samsung for the Android Wear OS. I think most people will agree with your sentiments it does make running on device much more difficult.

Also with Wear 4 there is Google Play Services that is there to improve battery and system efficiency and that is what cuts the Wifi connection.

I think if you use the command line it stays longer
Using File manager copy the address where you installed adb by default
(copy the address as text from file manger using right click on the address bar)
Open a command prompt
navigate to the folder address
cd C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Programs\WatchFaceStudio\tools\window
Then type
adb pair 192.168.1.xxx:xxxxx (The last 5 digits are the pairing port number.)
after paired
adb connect 192.168.1.xxx:xxxxx (The port number is 5 digits, and it is a wireless debugging number.)

I personally don’t mind the WiFi being disconnected because I always forgot to turn it off in Wear 3 and my battery would run down 3 times faster than when it was off :slight_smile:

I hope the command line works better for you.

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I am using the command line and adb…

Its disconnecting in the middle of processes, sometimes in no more than 30 seconds after connection established - so im not talking about a beneficial (i forgot to disconnect) wifi disconnection which for some reason youre referring to, im referring to a productivity/development nightmare level of random disconnections

It should be MY choice when the watch disconnects, not a bug by Samsung…

of course making this even more intolerable is the randomising of ports when you have to reconnect

previous to this last WearOS major update, i could just adb to my (fixed/static) IP and could remain connected until i manually disconnected. none of the variables have change din my home location, its wifi or devices im using to connect to the Watch…its the Watch, or more correctly the software on it

so its entirely possible for the Watch to have a stable connection, but as with Samsung, we often get updates that feel half baked…ive seen cheaper products with less bugs

im starting to see why so many people give up and go to Apple, and i hate those guys, but at least their products dont seem to have so many regression bugs as Samsung products

did i mention the pairing requirement and random ports are stupid and time sapping overkill? you should immediately fire whoever thought that was a good idea.

ive been in IT 35 years and this is not progress…

Just to be clear this is NOT a bug by Samsung. this is Android Wear OS and Android Device Bridge (ADB) and it happens on Pixel watches and others.

Debugging has increasingly becoming harder on all electronics because of privacy regulations.

I am closing this topic because it has nothing to do with Samsung Developer Tools or SDKS.

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