Generating a new Author certificate

I am trying to generate a new author certificate, but for some reason it tells that it does, but never concludes. Any advice? I have already generated a certificate before, but it seems it doesn’t accept my password any more.

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Hi @steffkaz I was having trouble with a certificate on a watch I was working on . I ended up updating the Version Number of the design . Then sync started working again . Not sure if that was the cure . Good Luck .

An author’s certificate should not depend on what you are developing for but so I can put this in the right place in the forum.
This happens every so often the seller portal server is down, Try again after 24 hours.

Are you using Windows 7 ? If so that is an issue and it won’t work.

It has to be a 64 bit browser

Recommend using Chrome as your default browser do not use Mozilla Firefox or IE After you get the author and distributor certificate you can go back to your preferred browser.

There is a captcha that you have to do but it is not visible and not obvious you need to scroll down (no scroll bars). That is often the issue.

If it isn’t any of them let me know how you are trying to generate it and what it is for.

Samsung Developer Relations

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were you able to create a new certificate at a later date?


Dear Ron,

thank you for your reply and help. I was just following your advice and trying to get a new authors certificate. I switched to Chrome, but I can’t find the captcha. My computer runs on windows 8.1 64 bit. A year ago, I had already managed to get a certificate, but either I forgot the right password or it just doesn’t work anymore. I created a new watch face and want to download it on my watch. I don’t intend to sell it.
Whenever I try get a new certificate it always hangs when it is supposed to generate it.

Best, Steffen

Dear Russel,

thank you for your help. I will try and see if it helps

The process is like this
from GWS
Project menu
Author Certificate
fill in information
sign into your account
Probably a 2 step verification to sign in or maybe a captcha
then you get the success

and it is stored in

If you didn’t get the success then you will need to use a newer Windows computer maybe a friend or family member. Use that to generate the Author’s and Distributor Certificates and then copy them back to your computer.

I don’t think even Microsoft supports Windows 8.

Samsung Developer Relations

thanks again. I will try with a Windows 10 Computer. Seems mine just doesn’t want to do it. I only get to this point ( see image attached)

Make sure you have 64 bit Internet Explorer That was a must for Windows 7 and may be for Windows 8 as well.

That added a DLL that the Store needed to work on 64 bit Windows 7 computers it may be your issue too.

Worth a shot.