[HR] Tags with Samsung Health BPM?

[HR] tags it not synced with Samsung Health’s heartrate result. [HR] will only update heart rate value when “Tap to Measure” action is triggered. My guess is that [HR] gets data directly from the hardware sensor when “Tap to Measure” is triggered.

If Samsung Health heartrate is set to measure every 10 minutes, the most recent result from S Health will not get updated on [HR]. Unlike Tizen watch faces, most recent heartrate gets updated on watch face heart rate stats.

From users’ perspective, this might be seen as a bug. If they set heart rate to be measured every 10 minutes , then they expect the most recent result to be displayed on watch face’s heartrate stats.

Is there a workaround for this? To have most recent heartrate result in S Health app to be displayed in [HR] tags? or being able to set measurement frequency via watch face’s Customize button?

Funny thing is, in the official watchfaces the heart rate complication works real time.

Figured it out. [HR] measure frequency can be set in Project Setting. Once it’s set, I don’t know if end users will be able to change it.



It seems that frequency can be changed from Samsung Health’s settings. I think it works like this, the frequency set in WFS project settings becomes the default frequency for the watch face. Users can change it to a different frequency through Samsung Health app on Samsung watches. Other brands’ health app would have the same frequency options as these frequency options are in Wear OS library.

HR on watch face is not linked with S-Health due to API limitation.

Either way, the heart rate function works really badly and needs an urgent fix.

I have reported this problem many times.

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To receive update from Samsung health, use the short text complication and then instruct user to choose heart rate complication from S-health heart rate. WFS does not add this as default content because S-health does not present on non Samsung device. Anyway maybe a good idea to add the Samsung specific feature to WFS with a warning or label “Samsung watch only”.

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I tested it in the following procedures

  1. Set measurement interval to every 10 minutes in WFS project settings and uploaded it to the watch.
  2. I observed watch on my wrist for a few hours, heart rate measures and updates the value every 10 minutes as expected.
  3. I went into Samsung Heath settings, changed the interval to manual. After that, [HR] no longer updating heart rate value every 10 minutes until I trigger the heart measure from watch face.

[HR_IS_MEASURING] does get stuck on value 1 sometimes, even when the sensor is not measuring. Other than that, I’ve not experienced watch face freezes.

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I’ve tried this method, and seems that works, but I’ve a problem to add an action to the “heart button”, “Samsung Heart Rate app” is not listed on standard app, do you know the “App ID”?

S heart rate is not a separate app, it’s part of S Health; so there is no App ID for heart rate only. But this is the app ID for S Health com.samsung.android.wear.shealth

Just keep in mind, S Health is not available on Google Play store.

Thanks a lot…I’ll try immediatly!!!