Heart Rate stopped working after watch update

I created a watch face in Watch Face Studio with a heart rate monitor using a circular progress bar around the face. This watch face has been running without issue for five months. My Watch 5 Pro updated to software R920XXU1AWD6 this morning. The heart rate monitor has stopped working. Has anyone experienced this and is there a fix?

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Hi. I have been . Using the Manual only HR test . I use an Image and use that as a Tap Pad and show the Reading being taken with [HR_IS_MEASURING] . Sadly @r.liechty_SDP has said that we will be losing that on the next Update . Any way all works for me OK at the moment . I have to say it is a bit sticky at times . If I was serious about my Heart Rate I would not rely on my Watch . The reading is better taken from the tip of the finger with a Calibrated Instrument .